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Solovyev, "Память"

A work ("Memory") by this poet.  You can read the original here.

Rush me, memory, on ageless wing
To that land my heart holds dear,
Her I see alone still smoldering
In dark winter I so fear.

Bitter pain has rent my soul in two,
And both lives are seared and burnt,
Past this nearness rises something new,
Foil to spring deceased and spurned.

Onwards, memory, on silent wing!
Other images divine!
Her I see on greenish pond’s lush ring
In the brightest summer's shine.

And our Tosna wild reflects the sun
Which these vertical shores spite.
There I see the pines of childhood run
On the deadly sands so white.

Memory, desist! All grief endured
Once again assails my soul,
Tears of sorrows past have now been lured
In a wave reborn from all.

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