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Hadi Deeb (1975-)


Let us no more contend, nor blame
Each other, blam'd enough elsewhere, but strive
In offices of love how we may light'n
Each other's burden in our share of woe.


A wonderful late afternoon or early evening to you.  Regardless of how and when you reached this site,  I am happy to have you.

My reviews, essays, and translations are solely my own work, as is any inaccuracy, inconsistency, or furtherance of agenda.  And while I am open to recommendations, I will not review anything that I do not admire.  Consequently, Deeblog might be the very first site of its kind not to indulge in the savage and much ballyhooed pleasure of ripping apart the artistic labor of others.  As all great art should be, the works treated here are to varying degrees both edifying and delightful.  And there are few greater highs in this life of ours than discovering new works of this nature, either fresh off the press or plucked from the annals of my ignorance.

I am also not of the brand of writer who involves himself in friendships or liaisons for the sake of professional inventory.  That said, there are tinges of biographical detail that will please people who know me well and lead others to think they know me better.  And I will stop my predictions there.

Private turns of phrase, while few, occasionally surface and in time warrant their own explanations.  Otherwise my sentences behave themselves commendably.

So once again, welcome. 

In hac urbe lux sollennis, ver aeternum, pax perennis, et aeterna gaudia.