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Musset, "Se voir le plus possible ..."

A work ("To share all possible time, and to love") by this French poet.  You can read the original here.

To share all possible time, and to love 
Bereft of guile, of shame, of lies, of scorn, 
Without desire's heat or remorseful thorn,           
Two hearts e'er twinned, two souls in peace above.

Respect the past however far its wings, 
Our love a daytime haze, not just a dream;  
Within this clarity shall we breathe free,    
As Laura sighs and her sad lover sings.

And you, whose every step reveals His grace,
And you, in flowered crown without a care, 
'Twas you who said we had to love like this.

And I, old child by holy doubt so faced,  
Who hears and thinks and then to answer dares:
We may live otherwise yet love in bliss. 

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