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Vallejo, "Heces"

A work ("Sediment") by this Peruvian poet.  You can read the original here.

No evening's rain has been like this; 
And life, my heart, has little aim.  
Is sweetest eve therefore to blame?
Of grace and grief, a woman's kiss? 

This evening Lima rains, while I  
Recall ungrateful, cruel caves;  
My block of poppy-crushing ice    
Shall best her words that wish my change.

My black and violent buds; the vast     
Stone hail; the glacial distance roils; 
Her calm, so dignified, has cast              
A final point in burning oils.  

As ne'er before this eve shall I,
With heart and owl, defy the rain;   
As others pass and see me wane,  
And take a part of you that hides 
Amidst my brow's deep wrinkled pain.   

Few evenings' rain have been like now; 
And life, my heart, has slipped somehow.  

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