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Blok, "Две любви"

A work ("Two loves") by this Russian poet.  You can the read the original here.

To bright and murky love's sweet pain,
Are equal the experienced roads. 
Selfsame desires invade the soul, 
So how, how then shall meet the twain? 
Unjoined and unagreed they float,
With good and evil's equal weight. 
The first lives yet in clearest day,  
The second in dark woe remote.

Pronounce on high this equal fame, 
And equal secrets thus condone.
And baleful, wilful slave, atone  
Both loves with victims and with shame!

So fear the finger's threat'ning thrust;
From future punishment now shake; 
Your blessings and your fires' lake 
Are dust and ashes, ash and dust!

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