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Bunin, "Когда на темный город сходит"

A poem ("When deepest sleep in soundless night") by this Russian man of letters.  You can read the original here.

When deepest sleep in soundless night  
Invades the city's darkest squares,   
A blizzard swirls and with it bears
The chime of bells in crazed delight.

How cold the heart does freeze in fright!
As if a plaintive song is struck,               
Through raging yelps and fateful luck,
Unheeded bells mourn their sad plight.     

The world is bare, the winter weak;      
And snowstorms catch cadavers' limbs,          
Extinguish stars by windy hymns,           
And beat the bells in darkness bleak.  

In great and empty churchyards hide
Our worlds embalmed by minute hands;
As Death his savage joys expands,           
And weaves his shroud of blackest tide!

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