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Vallejo, "Bordas de hielo"

A work ("Mainsails of ice") by this Peruvian man of letters.  You can read the original here.

I have just seen you pass all of these days, 
A charming little steam cloud always far;
Your eyes are two blond captains in their gaze; 
Your lip a handkerchief – red shortest bar – 
Which flutters in a last farewell of blood!  

I have just seen you pass; until, one day, 
Drunk both on cruelty and sweetest time,
That charming little steam cloud, always far, 
Forever will depart, that evening star!  

The riggings; winds that will betray, so bent
Of woman, of a woman now long gone! 
Your captains, coldest captains will charge on, 
And it is I who'll have departed then.

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