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Unamuno, "La mar ciñe"

A poem ("The sea surrounds") by this Spanish writer.  You can read the original here.

The sea surrounds the night in spindrift's skein, 
Just as the night surrounds the sea; the moon 
Is absent; eyes and brows each kissed, they swoon:
Of each kiss a mysterious trace remains. 

They melt with longing into an embrace, 
As ardent passion quakes each distant star; 
A love and passion pure, souls sense its scar, 
As night and sea their lots soon will enlace.

So it will bathe in darkest distance then, 
Of its eternal seed, its origin, 
When it with God awoke to daylight's glee;   

Though fools make laws for wise men's covenants, 
The soul of pious bent sees anarchy, 
For human laws are not our governance. 

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