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Jiménez, "El otoñado"

A work ("The autumnal") by this Spanish poet.  You can read the original here.

I am by nature thus complete,
In afternoon's full, ripest gold, 
As gusts rub leaves of erstwhile green.  
Remote and tasty fruit so sweet,
Earth, water, air, and fire I hold  
As I contain the infinite. 

‘Tis light I ooze, I gild the dark place cold;
Scent I transmit: and shadows reek of God;
Sound I effuse: deep music travels broad;
I filter taste: the clump consumes my soul,
As I enjoy the touch of solitude.  

Supreme of treasures, roundly dense
As a clean iris, I observe
From actions’ center.  All this I am.
The all which is oblivion’s brim;
The all sufficing yet still served  
By what remains ambition hence.  

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