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Borges, "Laberinto"

A work ("Labyrinth") by this Argentine man of letters.  You can read the original here.

To this place there will never be a door.  
The fortress straddles all the universe, 
Yet no reverse possesses or obverse, 
Without external wall or secret core.  

Do not expect the rigor of your course,
Which obstinately forks into another, 
Which obstinately forks into another, 
To have an end.  Your fate was its true source

Just like your judge.  Await not the assail  
Of the man-bull, whose plural form through mists  
Lends horror to the snarl in which you flail,

This endless grey and interwoven stone.  
Expect no thing.  For here no thing exists;
Here even dusk-dull'd beasts will never roam.  

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