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Mallarmé, "Renouveau"

A work ("Spring-tide") by this French poet.  You can read the original here.

Serene-arted winter, lucid in its squall,   
The morbid spring has sadly chased away;
Yet in my blood, still bleakness holds its sway,     
As impotence into long yawns will sprawl.

Like coronals atop an old sad grave, 
White crepuscules above my skull grow warm;
Whilst I through vague and lovely dreams roam on ,
Through sap-strewn fields immense which prance and rave. 

Rankl'd, weary from the tree-borne scents, I swoon,  
And with my face, so dig my dream a pit, 
And bite warm earth that feeds the lilacs' bloom;

I sink in hope that this ennui will quit ...
The Azure laughs now at the waking hedge,  
And flower'd birds chirp at the sunlight's edge.   

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