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Rilke, "Wir wollen, wenn es wieder Mondnacht wird"

A poem ("As moonlit night again shall reign") by this Austrian poet.  You can read the original here.

As moonlit night again shall reign, 
So sadness leaves; the city waits. 
And we embrace the stifling grates
That keep us from the garden's mane.

Who knows it now that saw it then,
Replete with child, hat, summer wear; 
Alone in bud, who knew it bare,
Those open ponds in sleepless pen. 

And standing mute in shadow'd sleeves,
Shapes gently seem to straighten, rise;
And brighter and more stone-like eyes
Guard alleys' entrances like eaves. 

These paths exist like tangled flares,
Nearby and peaceful, with one aim. 
To meadows does the moon move fast;
The wind these petals coats like tears,   
And fountains fall to owners past, 
Cool traces of their game will last,
Amidst the moonlit nighttime air. 

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