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Turgenev, "Весенний вечер"

A poem ("An evening in the spring") by a young Ivan Turgenev.  You can read the original here.

O golden beams that wave and prance    
Above the land in restful lay;                    
O spacious fields in silent trance        
That glisten, gorged on dewy day;      
O streams that purl in valley's dark   
Beyond the springtime thunder's break,   
And lazy winds sweep aspen bark,           
As wings wax lightly in their wake. 

O lofty woods, O soundless thrill,             
So green and dark this forest deep!         
Where thickest shade can linger still    
And court these leaves deprived of sleep.
O star awake in sunset's flame,         
O beauteous star where love can't die ,      
My soul's as light  as spirit's name, 
As light as childhood years gone by.

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