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Blok, "Как мимолетна тень осенних ранних дней"

To Alexandra on her birthday, a work ("Like momentary shade of fall days past") by this poet.  You can read the original here.

Like momentary shade of fall days past,  
I wish to keep the germ of their ill ease,
This yellow leaf against the roadside leas,
This purest day, with shade its main repast;  

Because these shades compose burst beauty's seam,  
Because these days hold peaceful agitation,
They bear, they lend to final inspiration, 
The remnants of a dissipating dream.

Like the momentary shade of fall days past,

How one wishes to retain their early alarm,

And this yellow leaf fallen on the road,

And this clear day, so filled with shadows.


Because the shades of day are beauty’s surfeit,

Because these days are of a peaceful anxiousness,

They bear, they lend to final inspirations,

The surfeit of a dissipating dream.

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