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Samain, "Je rêve de vers doux"

A work ("Of softest verse I dream") by this French poet.  You can read the original here.

Of softest verse I dream, of birdsong near, 
Of verse to graze the soul like feathers shear; 

Of verse whose fluid sense unknots as fair
As does, beneath the waves, Ophelia's hair; 

Of silent verse bereft of plot or lilt,   
Where soundless rhymes will glide like oars through silt;

Of verse of ancient cloth, some weary shroud, 
Impalpable just like both sound and cloud; 

Of verse of autumn's eve, beguiled hours swell  
By female rite of minor syllable;  

Of verse from lovestruck nights, by vervain stress'd,  
Wherein exquisite souls are scarce-caressed ...

Of softest verse, rose-like to die, I dream. 

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