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Baudelaire, "L'homme et la mer"

A work ("Man and the sea") by this French poet.  You can read the original here.

O freest man, you'll always love the sea! 
The mirror where your soul seems to appear 
On its thin spline, unwinding endlessly,
Your mind still an abyss no less severe.   

Into this image will you then have dived, 
Embracing it with eyes and arms; your heart 
At times distracted from its throbbing chart,
By windy savage moans of life deprived.

You both remain discreet and shadow-swept:
O man, your deepest chasms gape unprobed;
O sea, your inmost riches still not unrobed;
In greatest zeal your every secret kept!

For countless centuries in glee you've fought
Bereft of mildest pity or remorse,
Eternal foes in death and carnage caught,
Desist, O brothers, in your luckless course!

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